What We Do
We offer a wide range of environmental compliance services and expertise, including:

• Biological resources assessments
• Baseline biological resource surveys
     • Wetland delineations
     • Habitat mapping
     • Rare plant surveys
     • Wildlife surveys
• Special-status species surveys
     • federally listed fairy shrimp and tadpole shrimp wet-season and dry-season sampling   
     • California tiger salamander surveys
     • California red-legged frog surveys
     • Western burrowing owl surveys
     • Swainson’s hawk surveys
• Mitigation monitoring
• Construction monitoring
• Environmental documents (CEQA, NEPA)
• Permitting and agreement applications
     • Section 1600 et. seq., 
     • Section 404 of Clean Water Act, 
     • Section 10 of Rivers and Harbors Act
     • Biological Assessment pursuant to Section 7 of the Federal Endangered Species Act  (ESA) 
     • Habitat Conservation Plan pursuant to Section 10 of the federal ESA
• Designing and implementing worker education programs 
• Preconstruction resource clearances environmental compliance monitoring during construction • Preparing and implementing post-construction habitat restoration and monitoring programs
• Botanical and wildlife resource studies aquatic invertebrate studies (rabid bio-assessments)  
• Habitat restoration design and implementation habitat and endangered species mitigation banking 
• Long-term monitoring